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Funny Anime Summaries!

Anime has told some pretty absurd stories. Entertaining and emotionally satisfying and interesting, but...absurd. In the purest form. So I wrote one sentence summaries of some anime to see if you think these shows are as crazy as I do!

Bungo Stray Dogs: A suicidal maniac mentors and protects an orphan weretiger after a superpowered mafia organization learns of his existence

Seraph of the End: A boy becomes a salt deity to destroy the vampire soldiers that slaughtered the humans and took over the earth

Assassination Classroom: A yellow octopus destroys the moon, becomes a middle school teacher, then teaches his students how to kill him

Welcome to Demon School: A boy becomes the devil’s grandson and attends a demon school after his parents sold his soul

Mob Psycho 100: The most powerful Esper in the world joins a scamming business run by a fake psychic to work on his social skills

Trigun: After destroying one too many cities while trying to buy doughnuts, the most skilled gunslinger in the galaxy is tailed by two insurance girls

Fire Force: Pyrokenetics band together to fight against people who have spontaneously combusted

Beyond the Boundary: A swordswoman who can manipulate her blood uses an immortal author as target practice to fight against evil spirits

The Seven Deadly Sins: An exiled princess travels on a giant pig to search for a lazy fairy king, Merlin, an immortal thief, and a bartender with a broken sword to save her kingdom

Magi and the Labyrinth of Magic: A boy who can use a magical flute to control butterflies travels with a headless genie to find the rightful heir of a kingdom

Parasyte: A high school student’s right hand becomes sentient and tries to murder people

Durarara: A group of teenagers run an underground criminal organization to search for a headless motorcyclist

Tokyo Ghoul: A college student becomes a flesh eating ghoul after his first date tries to eat him

Jujutsu Kaisen: A boy who swallows the finger of an ancient demon joins a curse hunting organization to find the other parts of the demon

Kill la Kill: A girl who has the ability to speak to clothes must defeat an evil student council armed only with a scissors blade

Blood Blockade Battlefront: A fifteen year old aspiring photojournalist travels to an inter-dimensional New York city, complete with vampires, invisible werewolves, buildings that eat people, and flying caterpillars.

Erased: An adult is sent back in time into the body of his eleven year old self in order to save a girl from a serial killer

Terror in Resonance: Two brilliant teenage terrorists threaten the police with the detonation of an atomic bomb if they fail to solve their riddles

Noragami: A god of war tries to put aside his violent ways by doing odd jobs for humans, accompanied by a spirit who can turn into a sword and a girl with a tail

The Saga of Tanya the Evil: When a prison convict dies, he is reincarnated into the body of a young girl to fight a magical version of world war two

The Heroic Legend of Arslan: A runaway prince tries to take back his kingdom from evil mages by enlisting the help of an exiled painter, a poet swordsman, and a priestess archer

Soul Eater: The students of a magic school team up with the son of death and Dr. Frankenstein to collect ninety nine souls and defeat the Mummy King

Future Diary: When a high school student is given a phone that predicts the future, he teams up with a serial killer and enters a battle royale with other future seers to become the God of Tim

Blue Exorcist: The son of satan tries to get back at his father by graduating from an exorcism school.

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