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Meet Sarah

Teenage writer and dragon nerd

Hi there! I’m a 16-year-old die-hard anime nerd with a book for a soul. I memorized the How to Train Your Dragon fandom page, so I'm an expert at spouting out useless information about dragon classes and shot counts. The amount of knowledge I have relating to shows coming out in Japan is scary. You can sometimes catch me singing anime opening songs. And no. I don't actually know what the words mean. I read the entire Doctor Who monster manual and I've had extensive discussions about who is the strongest Avenger with my friends. My favorite genre of book is dystopian, even though many people say it's not an actual genre. I don't know why I started writing because I wrote my first story when I was three. I've gotten a bit better since, and it's awfully fun. I love creating new worlds and magic systems even though Brandon Sanderson has already beaten all of us to it and taken all the good ideas. Admit it. The guy's an absolute genius.

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