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Books and Stories I wrote when I was younger 

  • The Golden Rainbow

  • The Golden Rainbow 2

  • Island of the Silver Dragons

  • Island of the Silver Dragons 2

  • Infinity to its Infinite Power

  • Infinity to its Infinite Power 2

  • The Dark Secret

  • The Death Hike

  • The Death Hike 2

  • Ninja Academy

  • The Time Challenges

  • The Beginning Flame

  • The Last Phasers

  • The Realm of Imagination

I think I've gotten a bit better since then 

Here are the projects I'm working on now

Wings of a Fey

A Fey assassin plots with a human prince to stop the war going on between their races

The Fallen Gods

A girl cast out from society due to lack of magic must save her brother when he's slated for execution

Crystal Hearts

A son of a noble teams up with a street orphan girl to find a dragon with the last crystal heart


A soul eating creature kidnaps the heir to a prosperous desert tribe when he tries to kill her

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