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Making Fun of My Weird Tastes/Habits!

Me, as a teenage author, am bound to have crazy likes, dislikes, and habits when it comes to reading books and watching TV. After all, it's not JUST turning on the TV to kill some time in the evening. For me, there's an entire ritual involved, and constantly watching all kinds of TV shows has made me love and do...some pretty weird things.

Let's begin, shall we?

Lego Ninjago is one of my favorite TV shows. Yes. Really. I'm sixteen and I enjoy a show made for little kids. But I love ninjas and elemental power systems. What can I say?

My favorite plotline a TV show or book can implement is when the main character gets kidnapped and used by the villains. It also happens to be one of the most overused plotlines in fantasy storytelling, so that's a plus for me!

My favorite characters are the villains. The main characters are usually too heroic and pure for me, unless they're a thief or an assassin or something. This leads to some pretty interesting banters between my mom and I.

My mom: New show?

Me: Yeah. I just started watching it yesterday.

My mom: Who's your favorite character?

Me: Um...the vampire who killed the main character's entire family in the first episode?

The only requirement for me to enjoy a TV show, especially anime, is if it has good animation and character designs. As an example, Kirito from Sword Art Online is one of my favorite characters, if anyone gets that reference.

I don't care about plotholes or inconsistent characterization. At all. For all intensive purposes, the stories that people created are part of real life and they actually happened. I have a very high suspension of disbelief.

It's easier for me to connect with animated characters than live action characters.

I call myself an anime fan but I haven't watched a single studio Ghibli movie. A crime against humanity, I know.

I’m not a nerd of any of the "big three" of fantasy, which I say is Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter. This drives my friend Kayla crazy because she's a major Potterhead.

I list and rank EVERYTHING. Every movie, book, or TV show I've gone through is written down and ranked according to how much I like it. Ask me what my 23rd favorite show is, and I’ll be able to answer off the top of my head.

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