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Reasons to watch anime RIGHT NOW

The idea of watching anime might turn people off. Maybe it's the type of animation or violence or the fact that they're Japanese shows. Well, it's my personal opinion that anime has told some of the best written and most exciting stories of all time, and everyone should give it a chance.

So let me get on my soap box and tell you reasons why you should drop everything and watch anime RIGHT NOW.

Absurd concepts

Anime can tell stories that just cannot be told in any other medium. It's like they purposely try to stay away from a "young plucky male protagonist gets his hand on a magic sword and goes off to slay an evil king" type of story. For most of the shows, there's no reused formula. Anime can tell philosophical stories about the nature of humanity and emotions. Do you want a show about a high school student who finds a notebook that can kill anyone whose name is written in it? And the moral implications behind using it? There's an anime for that! What about a class of students whose job is to kill their teacher before he destroys the world? There's an anime for that! Or a story where all of humanity is frozen in stone for thousands of years and a teenager has to use his knowledge of science to rebuild civilization? The possibilities are endless.

The intros are fantastic

You know that part in the beginning of an episode where music plays and it introduces the show? I think they're called title sequences, and the ones in anime are absolutely amazing. The Japanese songs they use are really catchy and I find myself listening to them over and over. Another thing I like is that the animators don't actually use any cuts from the show in the title sequences. That gives them the freedom to tell a separate story and theme. Most anime intros showcase extra fights and different angles of the characters you don't usually get to see. The intros change every twelve episodes, so there are always new ones and you'll never get sick of them. I never skip an anime opening.

Overpowered main characters

Something that is uniquely anime is the concept of overpowered main characters. Characters that are so powerful you know they're going to beat any opponent they come across. Like a superhero who can defeat anyone with just one punch, or a demon king who can kill anyone with the snap of his fingers. This not only extremely entertaining, but it turns the traditional idea of a story on its head. It's like a challenge to the author. Like: Okay, buddy. I know the character you created can wipe the floor with any antagonist that comes his way. Why should I care about him? Give me a reason. And they usually come up with extremely clever quips to make you feel invested in their actions, like the most powerful psychic in the world being a middle school student. He can pick up a building with his mind and crush anyone who possibly gets in his way, but he just wants to make friends and work on his social skills without his powers interfering.

The animation

I like "Eastern" animation a lot more than "Western" animation. They've completely won me over. It looks so good! Especially with studios that have a lot more money and are able to draw more complicated scenes. The character designs and setting always look interesting and beautiful. The exaggerated "anime facial expressions" also play off really well during comedic moments and it ends up being hilarious.

Broken characters

Everyone has a tragic backstory in anime, and I never get sick of it. One of the reasons I started watching anime in the first place is because these shows aren't afraid to make the characters suffer. They're willing to break the characters a lot more than others would dare. There's no guarantee for a happy ending and everyone comes from suffering and the absence of love. And it's so satisfying when you see them rise up from their tragic pasts to defeat the villains and save the world.

Hype battles

The battles in anime are the most adrenaline packed fights I've ever seen. The entire cast gets together and fights against one or more antagonists for several episodes, where life and death hang in the balance. Swords clash and spells are cast and everyone gives it their all on the battlefield. You cannot help but cheer for the characters and cry out when they get hurt. Sometimes I literally leap up and pump my fist in the air when they win because it was so intense. This also ties into the characters, because almost every action/adventure anime protagonist is someone who never gives up. They never stop fighting, and they'll always protect the people they love. They keep getting up even if they're seriously hurt. I call these "Refuse to Die" moments, and there's almost nothing I like better.

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